Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Felt Heart Christmas Hangers

These hand crafted hangers are made from felt and come complete with  
 ribbon tie, hand stitched snowflake design
and a button detail to the front and rear.
The hanger is lightly padded and is approximately 10mm x 10mm (not including ribbon length).
An ideal Christmas decoration for your doors, cupboards or tree!

White Heart Hanger - Product code: WH001
White Star Hanger - Product code: WS001
Red Heart Hanger - Product code: RH001
Red Star Hanger - Product code: RS001

These hangers are £3.00 each to buy or 2 for £5.00
To order please email the product code and quantity you would like to
including the address you wish them to be delivered to. Postage cost £1.00
Thank you

All hangers are individually Hand made and may vary slightly from the picture shown  

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